News for Hayward Officials

Have you registered as a Hayward Field official for the 2024 season?

If you officiated at Hayward Field and registered in previous years, go here to register as a 2024 official. If you have never officiated at Hayward Field and never registered before, go here to register. 

Hayward Field Officials Dinner Presentation

Go here to view the presentation at the Hayward Field Officials Dinner. 

Hayward Officials Annual Dinner is February 21

The Hayward Field Officials Annual Dinner is set for Wednesday, February 21 at 5:00 p.m. at the Club Room at Autzen Stadium.

New Meet Management Guide Has Been Developed

The Oregon Track Club Officials Committee has developed a new meet management guide. Go here to read the article. 

Officials Recognized with Service Pins

The OTC Officials Committee and the University of Oregon Track and Field program recognized 31 individuals for their volunteer service as Hayward Field track and field officials. Go here to read the list of officials.

Four New Emeritus Officials

The OTC Officials Committee added four new members to its Emeritus Officials Program. Go here to read the story.